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Are you seeking the best pain reliever but cannot discover a reasonable solution?

As a member of the drugs category called opiates, codeine is a pain reliever. It is used for persistent pain when over-the-counter pain relievers like paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin have not helped. It impacts the brain and central nervous system to prevent pain signals from traveling to other body parts. It also lessens the tension and worry brought on by physical pain.

What Is Codeine Phosphate?

The drug codeine phosphate hemihydrate is an analgesic, a class of drugs used to reduce or eliminate pain. It works as an opioid analgesic by preventing pain and your emotional reaction to it. Pain that is mild to moderate intensity can be temporarily relieved by codeine. It should only be used if other non-opioid pain management techniques have failed to control pain.

How Does Codeine Phosphate Work?

Codeine phosphate is one of the most common prescription drugs in the country, and the active component is Codeine phosphate hemihydrate. The poppy plant, Papaver somniferous, is the source of opiates like codeine. Codeine blocks how neurons transmit pain signals from the brain to the body, acting directly on opioid receptors in the CNS to lessen pain perception. Codeine is a central analgesic, hypnic, anti-nociceptive, soothing, and anti-peristaltic drug and is advised in several conditions that cause persistent coughing. When medications like paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin have failed to provide relief, you can use this medicine for constant pain.

What Is Codeine Phosphate Used For?

Codeine phosphate is prescribed for the following conditions: 

  • Codeine phosphate is used to treat mild to severe pain, including pain brought on by terminal illnesses, post-operative discomfort, and headaches.
  • It is helpful to ease diarrheal symptoms (except diarrhea caused by poisoning).
  • A dry cough may be controlled with codeine as well.
  • In most cases, using codeine to relieve chronic pain is not advised.

Who Can Take It?

Codeine is suitable for use by adults and kids older than twelve. Children (12 to 18 years old) should only be given codeine if over-the-counter pain relievers like paracetamol and ibuprofen have failed.

Pharmaceutical form: Oral – tablet

Method Of Administration

Between 12 and 18 years old

Children 12 years and older should take 30 to 60 milligrams of codeine every six hours, up to a maximum of 240 milligrams daily. Weight is used to calculate the dosage (0.5–1 mg/kg). 

Children under the age of 12

Because of the risk of opioid poisoning caused by codeine’s inconsistent and unexpected metabolism of morphine, children under 12 should not use it.

Elderly: Patients who are elderly should receive a lower dosage.

  • Regarding a severe or dry cough

Adults: 15–30 mg, three-four times daily

Children: not advised

Reduced dosage is recommended for older people.

  • Diarrhea:

Adults: three to four doses of 30 mg each day (range 15-60mg)

Children: not recommended

Those Who Might Be Unable to Take Codeine

Codeine is not suitable for some people. To make sure it is safe for you, Consult the doctor before starting the medicine if you have the following issues:

  •  A lung problem
  • A head injury
  • Adrenal gland problems
  • A condition that causes seizures or fits
  • An addiction to alcohol
  • Ever experienced an allergy to codeine or any other medication
  • Convulsions or convulsive disorders
  •  Gallbladder disease or gallstones
  •  Recent gastrointestinal surgery,
  •  Urinary tract surgery,
  • Prostate disorder
  • Myasthenia gravis (an autoimmune neuromuscular disease)

Side Effects of Codeine Phosphate

Codeine can adversely affect certain people, just like all medications do. But many people have slight or nonexistent adverse effects. The likelihood of experiencing side effects increases with codeine dosage. If you find any of the following and they bother you, tell your doctor:

  • Tummy aches
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of appetite, 
  • Constipation
  • Nausea (feeling sick)
  •  Vomiting, 
  • Sleepiness
  •  Excitability,
  •  Dizziness and Sickness.
  •  Skin eruptions
  •  Inability to sleep

Specific adverse effects could be incredibly significant. If you have any of the following less frequent side effects, call your doctor right away:

  •  A rash on the skin that is itchy, elevated, or red
  • Facial swelling, tight muscles
  •  Breathing issues
  • Erratic heartbeat
  • Blurred or double vision 
  • Trouble urinating (passing water)


  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • Store Codeine Phosphate Tablets away from light and in a cool, dry place below 25°C.
  • It should not be kept in a bathroom or close to a sink, nor should any other drugs.
  • Avoid leaving it in vehicles or on windowsills.
  • Certain medications can be ruined by heat and moisture.
  • If the tablets exhibit noticeable degradation, they should not be taken.
  • If the tablets do not appear correctly, do not take the codeine phosphate.
  • By taking codeine, it may be preferable to avoid alcohol because you run the risk of experiencing adverse side effects like sleepiness.
  • Talk to your doctor if the pain does not vanish after three days. This medication should not be taken for longer than three days.

Pregnancy and Codeine Phosphate 

Although long-term use is not advised, codeine can be taken during pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy, pain management is crucial. Codeine might be the best option for pregnant women in excruciating pain. Your doctor can advise you on what will be best for you and your unborn child.

Breastfeeding and Opiates

If you are breastfeeding, avoid using codeine. Little doses of codeine can affect your baby’s breathing and make them sleepy if breastfed. If you speak with your doctor or pharmacist, a better pain reliever may be suggested.

Final Verdict

So, that’s it with the product. Codeine is one of the most recommended medicines for pain relief. Pain treatment is a top priority to improve patients’ quality of life and their capacity to participate in daily activities. It reduces pain by raising the threshold for pain without affecting consciousness or other sensory capabilities. All your issues can be resolved by codeine phosphate. To ensure a safe and successful result, buy codeine phosphate with confidence.

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